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Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

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Parts of Speech

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  1. Parts of Speech By: Victoria Walker-Lynch, and Marie Sisk 10-18-10 Honors English Period 5 !!! WE

  2. Nouns • Definition: a word or word group that is used to name a person, place thing, or idea. Proper Nouns Vs. Common Nouns scientist woman city building continent day Marie Curry, Charles Drew Coretta Scott King St. Louis, Paris World Trade Center North America, Africa Monday, Labor Day

  3. Nouns Cont. Concrete Nouns vs. Abstract Nouns cloud, yogurt, thunder, carpet, light bulb freedom, beauty, Catholicism, kindness, well being EXAMPLES: My friend, Sarah, loves to go to church. Buddhism and Catholicism are two main types of religion. I threw my pillow at my brother’s head. Common Proper Common/concrete Abstract Abstract Abstract Common /Concrete Common/Concrete Common/Concrete

  4. Pronouns • Definition: A word that is used in place of one or more nouns or pronouns. Antecedents Why did Oscar give his camera to the film school? Darius scored a field goal. It was his first of the season. Personal Pronouns First Person I, me, my, we, us, our, ours Second Person you, your, yours Third Person he, him, his, she, her, hers, it, its, they, them, their, theirs Interrogative Pronouns who, whom, which, what, whose Demonstrative Pronouns this, that, these, those Examples: She said that we could call them at home. Which of the songs is favorite? That is my bedroom.

  5. Adjectives • Definition: A word that is used to modify a noun or a pronoun. Demonstrative Pronouns Did Jennifer draw this picture or that one? Let’s take these sandwiches and those apples on our picnic. Pronouns vs. Adjective I like that. I like that shirt. Either will do. Either car will do. Which is yours? Which one is yours? Whose is it? Whose hat is it? Articles A, AN, THE Examples: I like purple markers. My favorite pet is a cat. Thatsilver car is my mother-in-law’s Mustang.

  6. Verbs • Definition: A word that is used to express action or a state of being. Helping Verb can, could, did, do, does, had, has, have, may, might, must, shall, should, would Action Verbsvs. Non-Action Verbs write be sit shall be go are think were know could have been consider had been Physical Action: write, sit, go Mental action: think, know, consider Examples: I could have been a famous singer, but I got married. Sarah looked at the phone as it rang.

  7. Adverbs • Definition: Modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs Modifying Adjectives Beth did an exceptionally fine job. Slightly cooler temperatures were forecasted. Adverbs Modifying Verbs Where? When? We lived there. Can we leave tomorrow? Please step up. I’ll see you later. Adverbs Modifying Other Adverbs Michael is almost never here on time. He slept too late. Examples: The cat leapt to the windowsill quite agilely. Remember to take a compass, and a fully stocked first-aid kit. Melissa arrived late to class.

  8. Prepositions • Definition: A word that shows relationship of a noun or a pronoun to another word. Commonly Used Prepositions after, from, since, till, to, out, beyond, by, as, along Compound Prepositions according to as of aside from because of by means of in addition to in front of in place of in spite of instead of next to on account of out of prior

  9. Conjunctions • Definition: A word that joins words or word groups. Coordinating Conjunctions For And Nor But Or Yet Correlative Conjunctions both… and either… or whether… or not only… but also neither… nor Examples: I want a puppy, butmy mom won’t let me get one. BothShannonandJason are very good students.

  10. Interjections • Definition: A word that expresses emotion. An interjection has no grammatical relation to the rest of the sentence. Some Examples of Interjections: Ah Aha Boy-oh-boy Wow Holy cow Ouch Hurray