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Parts of Speech PowerPoint Presentation
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Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

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Parts of Speech

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    1. Parts of Speech nouns verbs adjectives adverbs conjunctions prepositions determiners

    2. Parts of Speech Nouns A noun is the name of something. There are different types: common nouns - table, phone, rabbit proper nouns - Ruthin, Sam, Dr Jones abstract nouns - anger, love, courage

    3. Parts of Speech Verbs A verb is a doing or being word it can show an action being performed. e.g: to run, to jump, to sing, to laugh This form of the verb is called the infinitive. What is the infinitive of I am?

    4. Parts of Speech Adjectives Adjectives are describing words. They give more information about nouns and are usually found near the noun in the sentence or phrase, e.g: A red letter box; A huge slice of cake; A tiny kitten.

    5. Parts of Speech Adverbs Adverbs give more information about verbs they show how an action is happening, e.g: The girl cried quietly. The dog barked furiously.

    6. Parts of Speech Conjunctions or connectives These are very useful words, which help when joining sentences and linking ideas. The main ones are: And, but, so, therefore, however, also. Write your own ideas on your whiteboard.

    7. Parts of Speech Prepositions Prepositions tell us where, when and how things happen, e.g: to, from, of, upon, under, beside, over, across.. The list goes on! Can you think of more?

    8. Parts of Speech Determiner These words tell you which one, e.g: The, a, an, that, this, those, these..

    9. Parts of Speech When you know what type of word you are using, you can form much more dynamic and interesting sentences. Have a try now!