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Civil War

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Civil War

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  1. Civil War By Kamiya Hansley

  2. When did the Civil war occur? • The civil war occurred in 1861-1865 and the first battle was on April 12,1861. • This was when the confederates snuck up on the union and they won over fort Sumter. • That was the beginning of the longest and most deadly war that ever happened with the state.

  3. Who was involved in the civil war? • The union states: were California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

  4. Who was involved in the civil war? • The confederates States : South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee.

  5. Border states • Some of the border states are: • Delaware • Kentucky • Maryland • Missouri

  6. What Alliances were formed during the civil war? • The civil war allies that were Britain and France. • The British saw the USA as an fast growing economic rival and the French wanted to influence Mexico. • They had to protect their self against other people because alliances work both ways.

  7. Confederate Alliances • Confederate Why did the confederates make these alliances? The confederates had sent their representatives to be recognized. The confederates didn’t want to be all in so they created an alliance because they knew they couldn’t do this war all alone.

  8. What were the main events / battles in the civil war. • The main battles of the civil war are: • Battle at Fort Sumter April 12 1861 • First Battle of Bull Run July 21 1861 • Battle of Gettysburg 1-3 1863 • Second Battle of Fort Fisher 13-15 • Appomattox courthouse

  9. Who were the leaders for both union and confederate sides?(actual people) • The leader for the confederates was Robert E. Lee. • The leader for the union troops was Ulysses S. Grant.

  10. What were the main weapons and vehicles used during the civil war? • The main weapons were : • Cannons –Napoleon, 12 pound shot, howitzer-12, 24 and 32 pound shot, effective range of 250-1700 yards • Rifles- used from 1859-1872 by both confederate and union soldiers, muzzle loaded,2-3 shots per/minute, accurate from 100-400 yards • Pistol-Colt 1851 navy: confederates- single action,6 shot • Pistol-Colt army 1860: union-Single action,6 shots both accurate 17-100 yards • Swords-1850 army officers sword, Bayonet: attached to rifle close range

  11. Weapons Pistol Colt Cannon Rifle

  12. What were the vehicles? • Horses – used for generals to ride on, not really in the war unless had to be • Ships- U.S.S Monitor, Fully armored ship, Rotating gun turret • C.S.S. North Carolina • Iron clad war ship

  13. Vehicles Horses Ships

  14. How did the civil war affect Americas Future? • The civil war affected the united states in so many way and I'm going to tell you all of them. • During the civil war the prices of food and the things that you needed went up high. Like bacon went from .33 to $7.50, Eggs went from .35 to $ 5.00, and a bushel of corn went from $1.00 t0 $30.00.

  15. Civil war affects on America. • Helped modernize the south • Helped the north assert their independence • Gave south the roads • Produce more factories • Become a free nation in the north • Most important introduced education

  16. Civil war affects on America continued…. • More interesting jobs • I think that it helped the northern states grow as a country and since then we have became a more populated and very well known place. • We won the civil war and it actually put all the northern states on the map and this place I call home would never be like this if we wouldn’t have won.

  17. How does the civil war end? • After Appomattox there were still minor battles as 175,000 confederate troops remained in the field. • The final surrender of confederate troops occurred June 23,1865