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Civil War PowerPoint Presentation

Civil War

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Civil War

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  1. Civil War 1861 - 1865

  2. TAKS Jeopardy

  3. Final Jeopardy Assassination

  4. Final Jeopardy Answer On the day of his assassination what play was Lincoln watching at Fords Theater

  5. People100 Who was president of the United States. BACK

  6. People200 He was commander of the Southern armies. BACK

  7. People300 He earned the nickname “Stonewall” after rallying Confederate troops in the First Battle of Bull Run. BACK

  8. People400 He was the first commander of the north fired after his failure to attack Lee even after finding his battle plan. BACK

  9. People500 This Northern commander was known by the nickname “Unconditional Surrender”. BACK

  10. Important Battle100 This Battle was single deadliest and bloodiest day of the Civil war. BACK

  11. Important Battle 200 When Lincoln tried to send supplies to this Fort Confederate forces opened fire on it starting the Civil War . BACK

  12. Important Battle 300 After Meade defeated Lee in this battle the war in the east turned in favor of the North BACK

  13. Important Battle 400 After Grant won this battle the north gained control of the Mississippi and cut off TX, AK, and LA from the confederacy. . BACK

  14. Important Battle 500 This is the site where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. BACK

  15. Advantages and Disadvantages100 The South lacked this when the Civil War started. BACK

  16. Advantages and Disadvantages 200 This side had the best generals and better trained soldiers. BACK

  17. Advantages and Disadvantages 300 The north had this economy to help them win the war. BACK

  18. Advantages and Disadvantages 400 He was the North greatest asset to winning the war. BACK

  19. Daily Double BACK

  20. Advantages and Disadvantages 500 The North would have trouble defeating the South because of this Southern advantage. BACK

  21. Compromises100 This Compromise said that territories north of 36’ line would be free of Slavery. BACK

  22. Compromises 200 He is known as the “great compromiser” and helped create the Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850 BACK

  23. Compromises 300 What did the compromise of 1850 have in it that forced all Americans to become slave catchers.. . BACK

  24. Compromises 400 This decision stated that the government could not draw lines to divide the issue of slavery and that slaves were not citizens so they did not have any rights. BACK

  25. Compromises 500 This idea in the Kansas-Nebraska act allowed people in these territories to vote on the issue of Slavery BACK

  26. C.S.A.100 He was the first and only President of the Confederacy. BACK

  27. C.S.A. 200 This was the major reason as to why the southern states seceded from the Union BACK

  28. C.S.A. 300 This was the first state to secede from the Union BACK

  29. C.S.A. 400 Only a few miles away from Washington D.C. this city was the Capital of the Confederacy BACK

  30. C.S.A. 500 These seven states were the first to secede after the election of Abraham Lincoln BACK

  31. Important Documents100 This amendment abolished slavery BACK

  32. Important Documents 200 This announcement convinced the British not help the Confederacy BACK

  33. Important Documents 300 This Amendment Gave African American men the right to vote BACK

  34. Important Documents 400 Given after the battle of Gettysburg this speech dedicate the land as a national cemetery. BACK

  35. Important Documents 500 This amendment protects all national born citizens under the constitution BACK