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Supplemental Figure 1 Geffroy et al.

CNL-B19. CNL-BA8. l B35. CNL-BA11. l B29. CNL-J11. l J9. Supplemental Figure 1 Geffroy et al. BAT93. JaloEEP558. Genetic position 1. Genetic position 1. 10Kb. CNL-J8. l J39. CNL-JA78. l J107. CNL-J9. l J15. Genetic position 2. CNL-B16. CNL-B17. l B10. Genetic position 3.

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Supplemental Figure 1 Geffroy et al.

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  1. CNL-B19 CNL-BA8 lB35 CNL-BA11 lB29 CNL-J11 lJ9 Supplemental Figure 1 Geffroy et al. BAT93 JaloEEP558 Genetic position 1 Genetic position 1 10Kb CNL-J8 lJ39 CNL-JA78 lJ107 CNL-J9 lJ15 Genetic position 2 CNL-B16 CNL-B17 lB10 Genetic position 3 Genetic position 3 CNL-B11 CNL-J4 lB55 lJ18 Genetic position 4 Genetic position 4 CNL-J10 CNL-B23 CNL-B22 lJ28 lB61 Schematic representation of B4-CNL from BAT93 (on the left) and JaloEEP558 (on the right) on the corresponding phage inserts mapped at genetic position 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the B4 resistance gene cluster. In contrast to the phage inserts presented on Figure 2 that have been completely sequenced, sequencing of these phage inserts focused on B4-CNL, that were specifically sequenced using a primer walking strategy. The B4-CNL gene family members, indicated by red arrows, are abbreviated as CNL-BX (BAT93) and CNL-JX (JaloEEP558). Full length CNL are presented in red filled arrow, with the direction of transcription, while CNL corresponding to pseudogene are presented in dashed red arrows. Grey lines correspond to phage inserts. The name of each phage insert (λX) is indicated of the left side of each phage insert.

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