human growth and development n.
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Human Growth and Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development

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Human Growth and Development

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  1. Human Growth and Development Parent Informational Meeting January 28, 2014 7:00 pm Squadron Line Elementary

  2. Welcome • Introduction • Amy Muska, Department Supervisor PE/H K12 • Elementary HG.D Committee • Comprised of teachers, parent, elementary science curriculum leader, nurses and administrators • Documents • Healthy and Balance Living Curriculum Framework • Guidelines for the Sexual Health Education Component of Comprehensive Health Education

  3. Overview • The Simsbury Public Schools health education curriculum has been created using the “Healthy and Balanced Living Framework.” In addition this unit incorporated the “Guidelines for the Sexual Health Education Component of Comprehensive Health Education.” The goal of these lessons is to teach preteens about their changing bodies and beginning stages of puberty. Early adolescence is a complex time of change emotionally, physically (puberty), socially and intellectually. Helping students understand the physical and emotional changes taking place will contribute to their developing an assured and informed approach to adolescence. Individuals are more likely to have a positive body image if they are educated, resulting in a healthy transition during the growing up process.

  4. Essential Learning Outcome • To provide students with age appropriate, medically accurate information that promotes their health and well-being as they mature into young healthy adults.

  5. Grade 5 Three lessons Lesson 1: Puberty and Hygiene (mixed group) Lesson 2: Physical Changes in Puberty (Male) (separated) Physical Changes in Puberty (Female) Lesson 3: Emotional Changes in Puberty (Male) (separated) Emotional Changes in Puberty (Female) DVD “Just Around the Corner for Boys” DVD “Just Around the Corner for Girls” Anatomy pictures source: website

  6. Grade 6 Four Lessons Lesson 1: Puberty Overview ( mixed group) Lesson 2: The male and female reproductive systems (separated by gender) Lesson 3: Puberty-its tough for the boys and girls (separated by gender) Lesson 4: Interpersonal Relationships (mixed group) The Puberty Workshop Anatomy pictures source: website

  7. Message • This is a normal process that occurs in all individuals • Respect your child’s privacy and trust • Communicate sensitivity and respect for both genders during adolescences/puberty. Remember, it is not just the physical changes but the emotional and social changes are occurring too • Be the trusted adult who provides the support plus relevant and reliable information • Continue to instill your family values as your child enters early adolescences • Keep an open dialogue, encourage the conversation • Have the necessary supplies available for the unexpected • Establish a game plan “What if I get my period when at a friend’s house?

  8. DVD Viewing • Room 37 Girls 6th grade • Room 38 Boys 6th grade • Room 39 Girls 5th grade • Room 40 Boys 5th grade