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まっすぐ行きます! Lesson 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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まっすぐ行きます! Lesson 1

まっすぐ行きます! Lesson 1

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まっすぐ行きます! Lesson 1

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  1. まっすぐ行きます!Lesson 1

  2. N When I first arrived in Kyoto as an exchange student, I didn’t have much furniture. I went to the community centre and found an ad for a free bookshelf. So I called the contact, Yumiko, and organised to meet her in front of one of the many temples in Kyoto, Kinkakuji. I took a bus north to Kinkakuji on the western side of town and called Yumiko. The conversation went something like this: ‘Hi there Yumiko, I’m in front of the temple waiting for you’ ‘Hi Georgie. That’s very strange. I’m in front of the temple too and I can’t see you’ ‘That IS strange! We were supposed to meet at Kinkakuji, right?’ ‘…… Kinkakuji?! No, no, no! I said “Ginkakuji”! Oh no! So you’re in front of Kinkakuji, huh?!’ So I pulled out my map and rustled around trying desperately to find Ginkakuji. ‘Oh no! It’s on the other side of town, on the EASTERN SIDE!!’ I thought. So I took a taxi across to Ginkakuji and finally met Yumiko an hour later. Being able to listen to and understand directions is a great skill to have and can avoid a lot of mix-ups like with Yumiko and I. Can you think of a situation where you’ve needed help getting somewhere? ぎんかくじ 銀閣寺 きんかくじ 金閣寺 いちじょうどお 一条通り Lost in Kyoto B A にじょうどお 二条通り がわ かも川 さんじょうどお 三条通り しじょうどお 四条通り

  3. ~Reading a Map~ Click here for a real map of Kyoto! On this map, locate: • 金閣寺(きんかくじ) • 銀閣寺(ぎんかくじ) • 京都えき (Kyoto Station) • 二条城 (Nijo-Jo) • 清水寺 (きよみずでら)

  4. Do you remember these locations?  した 下 うえ 上 となり When you are ready to input your answer, click on “Meaning” and enter you answer in English. Meaning: Meaning: Meaning: Hint: In the picture, what is the location of the ball compared to the line?

  5. How did you go?  した 下 うえ 上 となり Meaning: ABOVE Meaning: UNDER Meaning: BESIDE

  6. Let’s practice! Read the instructions on the following pages carefully and follow them. Make sure to save your file after each question!

  7. ロボットはテーブルの上に置いてください。

  8. ケーキをテーブルの下に置いてください。

  9. りんごはテーブルのとなりに置いてください。りんごはテーブルのとなりに置いてください。

  10. ほんをテーブルの下に置いてください。そして、りんごをほんのとなりに置いてください。ほんをテーブルの下に置いてください。そして、りんごをほんのとなりに置いてください。

  11. えんぴつをテーブルの上に置いてください。はさみをテーブルの下に置いて、ケーキはえんぴつのとなりにおいてください。えんぴつをテーブルの上に置いてください。はさみをテーブルの下に置いて、ケーキはえんぴつのとなりにおいてください。

  12. Listen to the audio and follow the instructions.

  13. Listen to the audio and follow the instructions.

  14. Listen to the audio and follow the instructions.

  15. Well done! Make sure you’ve saved your file!As we learnt in class, you must now email your saved file to Remember, you will be marked absent if you miss out on this final step!