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  1. Cells Meredith Thompson

  2. A cell is like… • A cell is like a mall, because without all the parts (organelles), nothing would function right.

  3. Nucleus • The nucleus is like the customer service center because it is the center of control.

  4. Cell Membrane • The cell membrane is like mall security, because it regulates what goes in and out of the cell just like the security officers make sure no one steals anything in the mall.

  5. Cell Wall • The cell wall is like the building, because it supports, protects, and gives structure to the cell.

  6. Endoplasmic Reticulum • The endoplasmic reticulum is like the hallways in a mall, because it serves as the passage that carries proteins throughout the cell, like the people walking from store to store in the mall.

  7. Golgi Apparatus • The golgi apparatus is similar to the store clerks, because it packages and ships the proteins like the clerk bags and gives you your items.

  8. Mitochondrion • The mitochondrion is like the food court. The food court provides food and drinks to give people energy, and the mitochondrion produces the cell’s energy.

  9. Vacuole • The vacuole stores waste, food, and water for the cell. It is like the warehouse, which stores supplies and extra goods to be sold.

  10. Ribosomes • The ribosome of a cell is like the customers in a mall. The ribosomes produce the cells’ proteins, which help the cell survive. Likewise, the customers in a mall buy the products and help it stay in business.

  11. Animal vs. Plant Cells • The main difference between plant and animal cells are the absence of the cell wall and chloroplasts in the animal cell. The plant cells need the cell wall for structure and support, but animals have a skeleton that does this job. Also, chloroplasts are needed in plant cells to carry out photosynthesis (to make food), whereas animals do not make their own food.

  12. Animal vs. Plant Cells (cont.)