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Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

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Parts of Speech

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  1. Parts of Speech Noun Sentence! Ooh…Aah! Verb

  2. Verb Noun MENU Pronoun Adverb Adjective Preposition Interjection Conjunction

  3. Nouns! There are 6 types of nouns: A noun is the subject of a sentence. A person, place ,thing or idea. Common- Names any noun - it is a regular noun and very general. Examples: Student, book, mountain, company, city. Proper- Names a specific noun. Capitalized. Examples: Boise, Ms. C., Rocky Mountains, Sprint.

  4. Nouns! Collective- One word for a group. Examples: Team, class, jury. Compound- Two or more words. Examples: Basketball, fire fighter, baseball.

  5. Nouns! Concrete- can be touched. Examples: Pencil, sky, folder, tree. Abstract- An idea or feeling that can not be touched. Examples: Happy, love, freedom.

  6. Identify these nouns: grass Texas crowd soccer anger teacher fireworks team Superman Practice

  7. Give a proper noun for these common nouns: • School • Street • Book • City • Football team • Restaurant • T.V. show

  8. Nouns page 31-32 • A • Underline nouns: • Max helped Joe with his homework. • B • Common or Proper • C P • On Wednesday we drove to Boise to see a movie. • C =don’t do

  9. Page 32 • A • At Sawtooth Middle School the class that brings in the most box tops wins a prize. • Proper_____________ • Collective__________ • B • The girl traveled to the new town. • SWEET!

  10. Pronouns • Pronoun- a word used in place of a noun. NEVER A NOUN! • Antecedent- the word the pronoun takes the place of. • Ex: Fred missed the bus so he was late. • Ex: Death Valley- it is mysterious.

  11. Pronouns • *Personal pronouns- a regular pronoun. • Singular: I, you, he, she, it • Plural: We, they, them, us Pg. 59 Ex A write sentence. Underline pronouns

  12. Pronouns • Possessive pronouns- used to show ownership. • Ex: Their clothes, Your coat, MINE, HIS, HERS. NOT…you’re= you are they’re=they are

  13. Pronouns • Interrogative- used to start a question. • Ex: who, what, when, where, why, which. • Ex: Who knows the answer? What page?

  14. Pronouns • Demonstrative- points out a person, place, thing, or idea. • Ex: This is our game. That book… Plural- these, those

  15. Pronouns Review • Name what KIND of pronoun the following are: • You ~ Personal • This • Hers • They • I • It • We • Our

  16. Pronoun Review • Their • He • She • What • Mine • You’re • Where • Who

  17. Language Book • Page 59 • A 1-10 • Write sentence! Always! Underline pronouns. • Page 60 • B • Write paragraph, change nouns to pronouns. • SWEET!

  18. Pronouns Worksheet • Page 47-48 • A • Underline pronouns: • Have you ever been to California? • B • Replace nouns with pronouns • The Pilgrims were grateful.

  19. Pronouns Worksheet • Page 48 • A • Write paragraph, replace nouns with pronouns. • B • Write a diary entry, use many pronouns. • AWESOME!

  20. Verb Sub-Menu Linking Verbs Action Verbs Helping Verbs

  21. Identify these as mental or visible action verbs: hop typed hope lift touched laughed think worry Practice

  22. Verb Pre-Test • 1. Write the definition of an action verb. • 2. List all three kinds of verbs. • 3. The word “was” is what kind of verb? • 4. The word “sing’” is what kind of verb?

  23. Verbs are Awesome • Action Verbs: show action. You can actually do it. Ex: Jumped, run, think, lift, laugh, walked, write, carry.

  24. Verbs • *Mental action verbs: show action, but you can not see them. Ex: Wonder, remember, expect, think

  25. Verbs • Visible Action Verbs: show action and you can see them. • Ex: run, jump, write

  26. Auxillary Verbs can be linking or helpingMEMORIZE! Basic 5- is, am, are, was, were B’s- be, being, been D’s- do, does, did H’s- has, have, had

  27. Auxillary Verbs M’s- may, might, must -ould’s- could, should, would Misc.- can, shall, will

  28. Linking Verbs • Connect a noun/ pronoun to a word that describes it (in the predicate). Always alone or with another linking verb. NEVER WITH ACTION VERBS!

  29. HINT! • Find linking verb (s) look after them to see if there is an action verb. • No action verb = linking • Yes action verb = changes name to helping • They are buddies!

  30. Linking Verbs Ms. C. is happy. We were joyful after we won our game. Max was happy after the good news.

  31. Linking Verbs *Linking verbs are also called auxillary verbs because they can be linking or helping. -Ex: New York is a city. Fred was thrilled. The food tasted good.

  32. The Linking Verb Test Tina felt weak. Substitute is, am, are, for the underlined verb.

  33. Linking Verb Test • Tina (is) weak? • If it makes sense then it is a linking verb. • Zelda felt the cloth. • Zelda (is) the cloth? Ha, ha.

  34. FIND and IDENTIFY VERBS • I wrote that story. • I am hungry. • I was running away. • He was fast! • I can be strong! • Down the street he walked. • We are awesome!

  35. Linking Verbs! • Linking Verbs link one word to a description. • The room was cold. • A movie is a difficult project.

  36. The student was being respectful. • The food tasted good. • We are happy.

  37. The office sends call slips for students. We have been watching a great movie.

  38. Zelda was joyful. We could have been the winners. The tree is beautiful.

  39. Helping Verbs: Added before or after an action verb to make a verb phrase ( a group of verbs ). *a linking verb with an action verb changes it’s name to “helping.”

  40. Helping Verbs • Is running • Was swimming • Could be skipping • Should have been writing • Vs. She is happy.

  41. Identify these as linking or helping verbs: Zelda has a cold. Max was playing basketball. We werebeing zany. The students are writing their essays. Practice

  42. Helping or linking? • Ex: The plant is growing very fast. • The plant is green. • The dog is cute. • The dog is _________ after the car. • The boy was happy. • The boy was _________ because he was happy.

  43. TIME TO PLAY… • Ms. C.’s awesome Verb GAME!

  44. Class Copy • Judy sang a song for the talent show. • We should leave soon. • Zelda ran to the football field. • I am hungry by lunchtime. • Ms. C. was happy. • Ms. C. was teaching an awesome lesson. • We could have won the game!

  45. VerbsAwesome Review: • 1. A word that expresses an action is called a/an • 2. We talked on the phone. Name the verb and what kind of verb it is. • 3. The teacher corrects all of the late assignments. What is the verb?: A: corrects all C: teachers B: of D: corrects

  46. VerbsAwesome Review: • 4. Adverbs end in . • 5. Adverbs describe or “modify”, , or . • 6. We walked down the dark street quickly because it was spooky. Name the adverb. • 7. Adjectives describe .

  47. VerbsAwesome Review! • 8. Ms. C. happily held up her bright, new pen. List the adjectives. • 9. List all of the auxillary verbs. GO!

  48. VerbsAwesome Review: • Ms. C is happy. • The word ‘is’ links what two words?Choose the group of words that contains only the basic 5 auxillary verbs: • Is that was were she • Was were can shall will • Is am are was were

  49. SURVIVOR REVIEW! • Dun, dun, duh!

  50. Adjective and Adverb Pre- Test 1. Adjectives describe what part of speech? 2. Adverbs usually end in what two letters? 3. Adverbs describe what part of speech?