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Civil war abc s PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil war abc s

Civil war abc s

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Civil war abc s

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  1. Civil war abcs By Brian Hwang

  2. A, B, and C • A-Antietam. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest battle. Also the first battle of the Civil War. • B-Bayonet. It is a weapon that fits into a musket or rifle. It wasn’t used very much, but it was used for the Bayonet Charge of the Union. • C-Confederacy. The South is the Confederacy. They fought in the Civil War to be their own country against the Union.

  3. D, E, and F • D-Defense. It was important to defend the Capitol in the Civil War. Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. • E-Emancipation. The Emancipation Proclamation made the Civil War about slavery by saying if the Union won, slaves were freed. • F-Federals. Federals troops were the Union army. They fought the Confederates.

  4. G, H, and I • G-George McClellan. He was a major general in the Civil War. He wanted to be President so he disobeyed Lincoln. • H-Hardtack. They were crackers given to soldiers. They were rock hard. • I-Ironclad. They are ships covered with iron. They could stand shots so they were important.

  5. J, K, and L • J-Jacket. Jackets made of wool. All soldiers wore them in the Civil War. • K-Knapsack. Canvas that strapped to soldiers backs. It carried belongings. • L-Longstreet. A Confederate general. He served General Lee.

  6. M, N, and O • M-Musket. A firearm that both the Union and the Confederacy used in the Civil War. • N-North. The North was the Union. The North had no slavery. • O-Offense. Attacking. It was better to defend.

  7. P, Q, and r • P-Pickett. He was a Confederate general. He led and commanded Pickett’s Charge. • Q-Quaker guns- Logs painted to look like guns. Prince John McGruder once told McClellan that his army was 3x as large as McClellan’s. McClellan found a bunch of Quaker guns. • R-Rebel. Another name for a Confederate. Loyal to the South.

  8. S, T, and u • S-South. The Confederacy. They owned slaves. They fought the North(Union.) • T-Territory. Lands that weren’t states yet. Union and Confederacy tried to make them a free state or a slave state when they became a state. • U-Union. The North. They had no slaves. The Union fought the Confederacy in the Civil War.

  9. V, W, and X • V-Volunteer. Soldiers who volunteered to fight. They wanted to fight, not forced to. Most soldiers were volunteers. • W-West Point. A Military Academy Many officers including Robert E. Lee went to West Point. • X-XI Corps. Corps of the Union army. Lincoln had ordered the troops of Mountain Department to be part of First Army Corps. That became XI Corps.

  10. Y and z • Y-Yankee. Another name for a Union soldier. The Yankees fought the Rebels. • Z-Zero. There were zero casualties in the battle of Fort Sumter. The bombardment of Fort Sumter was the opening to the Civil War.