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  1. VIETNAM Pictures by Google By Yawen,Carys,Amanda and Arabella

  2. Contents page 1 Halong bay page 2 animals page 3 language page 4 money page 5 landmarks . Page 6 introduction Have fun learning about Vietnam.

  3. Introducing Vietnam Vietnams biggest city is ho chi minh city. the official language is Vietnamese . The capital city is Hanoi.The population on Monday 25thof November was 97,709,000.The official name is socialist republic of Vietnam.The currency is dong.Vietnam is very colorful.Vietnam borders Laos ,Cambodia and China.

  4. Some of the famous tourist attractions are Halong bay .It is thought that Dragons spat out jewels that formed islands . Today about 1’600 people live On the bay . There are some beautiful beaches on the small islands’. Halong bay

  5. New species New species of animals has been found. Including the deer like saola, tiger striped pit viper and the rough coated tree frog. Vietnam has 11,217 species of animals and has 2,470 of fish species of fish! Large mammals live in forest’s. Small animals live in the city. Animals Extinct animals Many birds from Vietnam are almost extinct.The Sumatran and Javan rhinoceros’s numbers also has fallen.

  6. money • In Vietnam money is different from China.It is not the same size as chinese money and in china they don’t have bigger numbers like 500 but Vietnam does. • The currency of money is Dong..

  7. LANDMARKs Vietnam has lots of Landmarks. Lots of wars were in HOCHIMINhcity.Ho chi minh city is a big city. Hanoi is the capital city of vietnam.

  8. Vietnam On the map of Vietnam it look like an s In Vietnam the longest river is Mekong river The highest mountain in Vietnam is Fan si pan In Vietnam the Docter use to get people well sometimes with pins and cotton and other special medicines in Vietnam In Vietnam they always eat spices foods and vegetable and soup. In vietnam they