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Created by: Niha . Vietnam. Vietnam. Map of. geography. Geography. What countries are on the Border of Vietnam? The countries that are on the borders of Vietnam are, China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. What is the Climate like?

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  1. Created by: Niha Vietnam

  2. Vietnam Map of

  3. geography

  4. Geography What countries are on the Border of Vietnam? The countries that are on the borders of Vietnam are, China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. What is the Climate like? The temperature there is really warm, and it’s a really tropical Weather. Only occasionally Vietnam get’s proper rain! What City is theCapital of Vietnam? Hanoi, in the North of Vietnam is the capital of the country. What is the Big City in the South? In south the big city is named Ho Chi Minh. If you go there, don’t think you in France! Because it’s the New but old France!!

  5. Geography of Vietnam Vietnam is full of high hills, tropical jungles and rain forests. The land has two great, big rivers!! One is called, The Mekong River and the other is called The Red River. That’s where the Vietnamese get their food from, like we get our food from the Murray Darling.

  6. Culture

  7. Popular Food There are many varieties of food in Vietnam, and many traditional reasons to make them. The French actually appreciate the food of the Vietnamese, that’s because France was once in Vietnam, but that was centuries ago. Vietnamese Chefs like to say to their cooking, “the nouvelle cuisine of Asia.” Not in every country, but Vietnam’s “cooking style,” reflects to Vietnam’s history and geography. It includes the two great rivers, Mekong River and the Red River Delta. The Red River Delta surrounds Hanoi, where the rice comes from. In Vietnam

  8. Lau Mam This interesting thing is called, “Lau Mam.” In English, we call it "Mixed Vegetable and meat hot pot.” (It’s popular in the South.) It’s a must, that you should have fresh food stuff in the, bowl of Lau Mam, such as ”keo.” Keo is , snake head fish. You can also add, an eel’s body, shark’s head, peeled shrimps, pork, beef and so on. The type of food must have at least 10 kind of, vegetables and sometimes even 24!! That also includes, egg-plant, straw mushrooms, balsam apples and many more vegetables.

  9. Xoi Chien Phong Most popular food in the country is “Xoi Chien phong!!” If we translate it into English, it’s called, “Bloating fried sticky rice.” This is popular in the South of Vietnam. This plate of Bloating fried sticky rice can be attracted to any Southern Vietnami . Talented Chefs make this recipe with 15 raw ingredients.

  10. This dish is called “Pho.” Many Hanoi people eat this typical dish. (Hanoi people are Northern Vietnamese.) Pho can be prepared in a technique way, which is required to have sweet but pure bouillon, gentle and soft. The noodles shouldn’t be crushed. They should be like original Vietnamese noodles, “noodles.” The meat should also be soft and sweet smelling. So you can see it’s not more of a sweet dish but a sweet smelling dish with a soft texture. Pho

  11. Mon Oc This dish is called, “Mon Oc,” if we translate it into English, it’s called, “Snail Dish.” So maybe, “Oc” means “Dish” and, “Mon” means “Snail.” This dish is popular in the North of Vietnam. In the whole Vietnam, the Hanoi people mostly eat this unique dish. There are many, more type of food which include snails, such as, steamed snails, gingered snails, steamed and gingered snails with a gingered leaf and sautéed snails, boiled snail, snails with caramel sauce. And many more food which require snails. Young Vietnamese girls like to eat this type of food because of the brittleness. The sour type taste and the hot, chilly taste makes them addicted to the dish.

  12. TheArt,the temples..

  13. Dan - Moon Lute Nguyet This instrument, the Dan Lute is very traditional. The round box resembles to the full moon. In English the item is called, “Moon Lute.” The object has two strings and it works a bit like a guitar. The Moon Lute has a transparent sound. Which means, an invisible sound, but it depends on the song. It can sometimes sound really sad and deep and sometimes it can be lively. It’s really rich in musical expression in the Vietnamese Culture.

  14. Khenboat The instrument, Khenboat, comes from, Vietnam, Thai . It’s made up from many small, bamboo tubes, which are connected to dried calabash. It is very similar to a Pan Pipe. The Khen has around 12 to 14 bamboo tubes. It’s used for Khen dancing in Thailand.

  15. Water Puppets The Water Puppets’ show is held in Vietnam , in the Red River Delta. It’s really traditional to Vietnamese. It helps the villagers get the stress away.

  16. Cao Dai The Cao Dai is a large temple in Vietnam, Cambodia. It’s a very religious temple, the temple is for the Buddhism, Taoism and for the Confucianism. And also for Christianity. This amazing temple was made between, 1933 to 1955. The three principle colours are, red, (for Christianity,) yellow, (for the Buddhism) and blue (for the Taoism.) Cao Dai's pantheon of saints includes such diverse figures as the Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Pericles, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Victor Hugo, and the Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen. These are honored at Cao Dai temples, along with ancestors

  17. The Traditional Dresses In Vietnam the traditional dresses over there, in Vietnam are called, Áo Dài. It’s a long dress, with high collars. You need to wear these special type of pants underneath the dress. It also has sleeves which are long and are loose.

  18. Laquerware Pictures

  19. Other countries which ruled Vietnam?? For many years Vietnam had fought for their independence. The most biggest problem were wars and fighting for the independence . They had wars, fights and huge conflicts. China ruled North Vietnam for many, many years. This was because of the millennia, rule of the Chinese. In many ways, the Vietnamese culture resembles the Chinese Culture. However, the Vietnamese managed to retain many aspects of their own culture, including their own language, religious beliefs, and customs. The Vietnamese people got their independence in 930 AD. Ho Chi Minh also announced the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945. 

  20. History Of Vietnam!!

  21. Why is French spoken in Vietnam? French is spoken in Vietnam mostly because of the invaders. Mostly the old folks in Vietnam speak French in Vietnam. And also because of once, really long ago the France ruled Vietnam. Why was America in Vietnam in the 1960’s Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s leader wanted a communist state. Which means, the country won’t have it’s own belief. So Vietnam was divided into two separate states in 1954. US supported, the government of South Vietnam in a war between Ho Chi Minh’s State. (North Vietnam.)

  22. Hope, You enjoyed the Slideshow.. The End

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