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  2. The types of poetry… • Narrative- tells a story • Lyrical- short poem that could be set to music • Cinquains • Free verse • Shape poetry • Humorous- funny poetry! • Limericks

  3. visualizing • When you read you should create pictures in your head. • You should think about… • What do you see in your mind? • Did you hear anything? • Did you smell anything? • Did you feel anything? • Did you taste anything?

  4. Sensory Language • Pay attention to words that refer to your FIVE SENSES! • Remember your five senses are: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing! • Touch Words: smooth, soft, rough, silky, bumpy, furry, etc. • Taste Words: sweet, sour, tart, bitter, delicious, savory, etc. • Sight Words: beautiful, bright, colorful, yellow, dark, gloomy, etc. • Smell Words: fragrant, sweet, stinky, odorous, etc. • Sound Words: loud, bang, melodious, soft, harsh, etc.

  5. elements of poetry… • Rhyme- two words or lines that end in the same sound (patterns that emphasize a sound) • Meter- the movement of words in a poem • Patterns of verse- the number of syllable in a line • Repetition- a repeating cadence/meter that enriches or emphasizes words, phrases, lines, and even whole verses of poems (Alliteration, the use of a lot of words that contain the same sound, is a type of repetition.)

  6. Poetry questions • Does it rhyme? • How does the poem sound? • How is it arranged? • What other things do you notice about the poem? • How does it compare with other forms of poetry?

  7. NARRATIVE POETRY Poetry that tells a story!

  8. Lyrical poetry A short poem of personal feelings and emotions which may or may not be set to music and often involves the use of regular meter.

  9. Free Verse: a type of lyrical poetry • Free Verse- poetry composed of rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set patterns. Free verse had a casual irregular rhythm similar to that of everyday speech.

  10. Cinquains • Poetry that has five lines. The first line is one word (the title). The second line has two words that describe the title. The third line has three words that tell the action. The fourth line has four words that express the feeling. The fifth line has one word, which recalls the title.

  11. Humorous poetry Poetry that deals with amusing happenings. (It’s funny!)

  12. Limerick- humorous poetry • Limerick- a short, humorous poem consisting of five lines. Lines 1, 2, and 5 have seven to ten syllables, rhyme, and have the same rhythm. Lines 3 and 4 have five to seven syllables, rhyme, and have the same rhythm.

  13. Shape poetry Poetry written in the shape or form of an object.