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Pacific Theater

Pacific Theater

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Pacific Theater

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  1. Pacific Theater Operations will be spread out over a larger area than the European Theater Sea power plays bigger role, aircraft carrier becomes most important ship in the fleet US will engage Japanese much quicker than they did the Germans Plan of attack- Island hopping-conquer only strategically important islands in the Pacific while ignoring others

  2. Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz Commanded all US Naval forces

  3. US Army General Douglas MacArthur Commands US ground forces in Pacific

  4. Admiral Bull Halsey Born in NJ Commands US carrier groups in key battles

  5. Admiral Fletcher Commands US carrier groups

  6. Admiral Spruance Commands US carrier group

  7. Admiral Kimmel Scapegoat for US losses at Pearl Harbor

  8. Colonel Doolittle Born in NJ Gave US moral victory early in war by bombing Tokyo

  9. USS New Jersey Most decorated battleship in US history

  10. Japanese hit Pearl Harbor US Pacific Fleet suffers major losses Kimmel is “fall guy”

  11. Bataan and Corregidor US loses control of Philippine Islands Gen. MacArthur give his “I Shall Return” speech Bataan Death March sees over 70% of US troops die

  12. Doolittle’s Raid on Tokyo US receives moral boost from raids that really did very little damage to Tokyo Most of 160 crewmen survive

  13. The Battle of the Coral Sea Sounds like a very lovely place for a battle Aircraft carrier replaces battleship as most important ship in fleet Battle is considered a tie

  14. The Battle of Midway TURNING POINT IN PACIFIC THEATER Luck played large role in US victory Tide of war turns in 5-10 minute period Japan loses 4 best carriers and hundreds of pilots

  15. Battle of Guadalcanal Turning point in Pacific Ground War Long and costly battle for control of the island and the waters around it Reason Mr. Ryan began to like history at the tender age of 4

  16. The Island Hopping Campaign Series of battles that take place in 1943-1944 all over the South and Central Pacific islands Truk, Tarawa, Kwajalein, Bouganville, Marshalls, Eniwetok are among the most vital

  17. The Battle of the Philippine Sea US retake Guam, Saipan, Tinian Islands US pilots shoot down over 600 Japanese planes and sink 3 carriers in the Marianas Turkey Shoot Sets up US plan to retake Philippines

  18. Battle of Leyte Gulf and the retaking of the Philippines Naval battle sees the last of Japanese sea power destroyed Kamikaze attacks used for first time By March 1945, US clears all Japanese resistance

  19. MacArthur returns to Philippines

  20. Battles for Iwo Jima and Okinawa Last large ground battle of the war Both Japanese commanders commit suicide US suffers heavy losses to take both islands Japanese losses are staggering Kamikaze attacks increase

  21. Flag Raising on Mt. Surabachi by Joe Rosenthal • 3 of 6 men killed during Battle for Iwo Jima •

  22. Firebombing of Tokyo Revenge plays factor 16 square mile are destroyed by round the clock bombing raids Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya are later targeted

  23. The Manhattan Project Oppenheimer led team that designs bomb July 16, 1945 test was successful at Trinity site “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds”

  24. Defeat of Japan August 6, 1945 US B-29 Enola Gay drops “Little Boy” uranium bomb on Hiroshima

  25. Defeat of Japan August 9, 1945 US B-29 Bock’s Car drops plutonium bomb “Fat Man” on Nagasaki USSR declares war on Japan Surrender terms are agreed upon

  26. V-J Day • Surrender takes place on September 2, 1945 on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay

  27. Cost of War: • US lost 292,000 soldiers in battle and 456,000 total • Yalta Conference • UN meets April 1945 in San Francisco • Defeat of Germany and post war Europe are discussed • Potsdam Conference • Post war Europe is argued • War crimes trials are set • Nuremburg trials • US occupation of Japan