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Unit Six

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Unit Six

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  1. Unit Six Grade Eight

  2. 1. abashed (adj-part.) embarrassed, ashamed, or nonplussed ant: unembarrassed, unashamed

  3. 2. aloof (adj) withdrawn, standing apart from others(usually as a matter of choice) syn: distant, cold, standoffish ant: involved, sociable

  4. 3. anguish (n) great mental suffering, distress, or pain (v) to be deeply tormented by pain or sorrow syn: misery, woe, torment ant: joy, delight, peace of mind

  5. 4.articulate (v) to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words; to fit together into a system (adj) able to use language effectively; expressed clearly and forcefully syn: (v) enunciate, expound (adj) glib, eloquent ant: (adj) tongue-tied, mumbled, incoherent

  6. 5. bask (v) to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth; to take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from syn: wallow, revel

  7. 6. defect (n) an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind (v) to desert a cause or organization

  8. 7. finesse (n) delicate skill; tact and cleverness (v) to accomplish something by cleverness, good judgment, or skillful evasion syn: (n) delicacy, subtlety ant: (n) clumsiness, awkwardness

  9. 8. flaunt (v) to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way syn: show off, parade ant: hide, downplay

  10. 9. forthright (adj) frank, direct, straightforward syn: candid, blunt ant: indirect, evasive, deceitful, two‐faced

  11. 10. genial (adj) cordial, pleasantly cheerful or warm syn: friendly, amiable ant: old, unfriendly, unsociable

  12. 11. instill (v) to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in syn: implant, infuse, inculcate ant: root out, eradicate, extirpate

  13. 12. ostracize (v) to exclude from a group; banish, send away syn: cast out, expel, blackball, snub ant: fraternize with, associate with

  14. 13. premonition (n) forewarning or foreboding of a future event syn: presentiment

  15. 14. pseudonym (n) a pen name, name assumed by a writer syn: nom de plume

  16. 15. purge (v) to wash away impurities, clean up (n) the process of getting rid of something or someone decisively syn: (v) cleanse, purify ant: (v) pollute, contaminate, defile

  17. 16. rehabilitate (v) to make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former position syn: (adj) reclaim, rebuild, reform

  18. 17. repercussion (n) an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation ant: cause, source

  19. 18. resolute (adj) bold, determined; firm syn: steadfast, unflinching ant: weak, spineless, indecisive

  20. 19. retentive (adj) able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily ant: porous, forgetful

  21. 20. scapegoat (n) person or thing carrying the blame for others syn: fall guy, whipping boy