syrian civil war background n.
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Syrian Civil War Background PowerPoint Presentation
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Syrian Civil War Background

Syrian Civil War Background

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Syrian Civil War Background

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  1. Syrian Civil War Background

  2. Ottoman Syria Conquered by the Ottoman Turks and Selim I “the grim” in 1516 Followed by the conquering of Egypt bringing the Mamluk Empire into the Ottoman Empire Selim kept the leaders Mamluk leaders of Syria the same and formed the area into one eyalet Eyalets were provinces divided into different districts or sanjaks Syria remained under Ottoman rule until the end of WWI

  3. Syrian Under the French 1920-1946 At the end of WWI the Syrians were put under French control French broke the country into 6 states Damascus, Aleppo, Alawites, Jabal Druze, Sanjak of Alexandretta and the State of Greater Lebanon This time period saw many revolts and violence against the French

  4. Republic of Syria 1946-1963 Arab Israeli War of 1948 Syria fought against the Israelis during the formation of Israel Military coup led by Hussni al-Zaimy ended democracy in 1949 Likely sponsored by the American CIA In 1956 Syria made an alliance with the Soviets for weapons and armaments

  5. Ba’athist Republic of Syria Ba’athism The Ba’ath party believes in the development and creation of a unified Arab State Strong Arab Nationalism ethnocentric ideals Seek enlightenment, rebirth and renaissance of Arab culture Following the Ba’ath coup in Iraq in 1963 Syria did the same thing putting President Amin Hafiz in charge

  6. Ba’athist Republic of Syria Hafez al-Assad In 1970 Minister of Defense Hafez al-Assad led a coup d'état Assad immediately removed civilian control and became President Opposition led by the Muslim Brotherhood Disagreed with Ba’ath principals Believed in Sunni superiority Disagreed with Alawite (Shi'a rule) 1999 Latakia Incident Assad’s brother Refaat attempted to take control of the country