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Syrian Civil War PowerPoint Presentation
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Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War

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Syrian Civil War

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  1. Syrian Civil War

  2. Protests and Civil Uprising The conflict started at protests and uprisings as early as January of 2011because of: Arab Spring Government Corruption Human Rights violations The government responded with: Police brutality Mass arrests Torturing of prisoners

  3. Defection As conflict continued the military began defecting to protect the civilians against Assad's forces First armed insurrection June 2011 On July 29th 2011 a group of defected Military officers declared the creation of the Free Syrian Army Grew to 40,000 by July 2012 No central leadership until Dec 2012

  4. Ceasefire Attempt Violence continued until a cease fire was attempted in April of 2012 Led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Failed attempts to sue for peace as violence escalated Assad began using helicopter attacks UN mission withdraws from Syria

  5. Battles of Damascus and Aleppo First full out fighting in major cities begins in July and August of 2012 Rebels attack major cities and military strongholds Red Cross officially declares the conflict a civil war Military finally pushes the rebels out, and the rebel offensives begin Rebels take borders at Turkey and Iraq Begin attacking towns all over Syria

  6. Continued Fighting Fighting has intensified and gained international recognition Barrack Obama requests American intervention in September 2013 Russian Gov. proposes detainment of illegal weapons with UN help United Nations Officers gather and destroy or seize all Chemical weapons in the fall of 2013

  7. Atrocities of War Chemical Weapons Assad and Rebel forces is accused of using Chemical weapons in fighting Cluster bombs and Scud missiles Syrian military has used both weapons against rebels and civilians Suicide bombings Rebels have targeted government officials