the civil war n.
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The Civil War

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The Civil War

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The Civil War

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  1. The Civil War By: Marghee Carver March 12, 2014

  2. The Cotton Gin “ The First Cotton Gin ", an engraving from Harper’s Magazine, 1869. This carving depicts a roller gin, which preceded Eli Whitney's invention.

  3. A Real Cotton Gin A 19th-century cotton gin on display at the Eli Whitney Museum in Connecticut.

  4. Civil War Soldiers The Civil War was fought over many things that changed the United States forever. The South and the North disagreed on important issues.

  5. The Classes Back then they had classes. The first class was the Elite. They had more than 20 slaves. They were very wealthy. For homes, they had huge houses. There were slaves who worked in the house, and they had a slave cabin attached to the house if the slaves worked in the house.

  6. The Classes The next class is the middle class. They were tradesman, merchants, shopkeepers, physicians, and attorneys. The middle class lived in cities and towns. The children learned to read and write. Some had a few slaves to do housework.

  7. The Classes The other class is the lower class. The lower class people were “unskilled” and uneducated. The children were uneducated because they were needed by family. They had little social or political influence.

  8. The Classes The forth class are small farmers. Small farmers worked hard to become successful. Their kids were taught at home. They had a few slaves to help run the farm.

  9. The Classes The next class is free African Americans. They were tailors, shoemakers, and carpenters. Most lived in Charleston. A very few owned slaves.

  10. The Classes The last class is enslaved Africans. Slaves had one day off, Sunday. They worked till sun down. Disobedient slaves could be punished badly. They had to listen to their “masters” back then.

  11. William T. Sherman William T. Sherman burned the south. He was the general of the Union Army. He walked across the south and had the Union Army help him burn the South.

  12. The Hunley The Hunley was designed by Horace L. Hunley. The Hunley was a submarine built by the Confederate workers and it was used during the Civil War. The Hunley had two portholes, two hatches, crank [or crank shaft] connected to the propeller, weights, tiller [steers the boat], two ballast tanks, bow, and a rudder.

  13. The Sad War Once the war was over, many people lost their family, friends, and loved ones. The Southern people were very disappointed about the war. They first were excited but now they might have had their loved ones dead.

  14. Now Now, we live in a country and all are treated equally. The Civil War was an important war. We are a whole country with love and friendship. We now have the Navy, Air force, and the Army help care for us and fight for us. This was the story of the Civil War and how we are a free country. [Power Point Project]

  15. Project information Started= 3:00 P.M. Saturday February 26, 2014 Ended= 6:20 P.M. Friday March 21, 2014 Student who made the project.