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Analyzing Theorists PowerPoint Presentation
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Analyzing Theorists

Analyzing Theorists

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Analyzing Theorists

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  1. Analyzing Theorists Jean Piaget Lev Vygotsky Jerrid Kruse

  2. What Assumptions Did You Make in Creating Your Theory? Piaget: Swiss, white, all people develop the same way within stages. Vygotsky: Russian, everyone learns within a zone of proximal development. Kruse: Everyone has the same brain, everyone learns from prior understanding and experience, everyone relates new information with old. Vacancies: Different cultures, special needs, different economic backgrounds

  3. How Applicable is the Theory Today? Piaget: Stages of development are applicable, but cannot be applied as rigidly. Teacher must be aware of diversity in the classroom. Vygotsky: Very applicable. Peer learning and peer groups are effective pedagogical tools today. However, zones cannot be applied as strictly. Kruse: Very applicable. Effective teachers begin with what the students know and build upon their prior knowledge and experience.

  4. How Does the Theory Apply to Certain Content Areas? Piaget: Content (For Math) Students learn math concepts based on what stage of development they are in. (For English) Students conquer different levels of literacy based on stage of development. (Special Ed) Does not apply.

  5. Vygotsky: Content • (For Math) Students must conquer math one concept at a time, beginning with the most basic. • (For English) Students work in groups to discuss and analyze literature starting from basic to more complex. • (Special Ed) Scaffolding is an effective tool for diverse learners.

  6. Kruse: Content (For Math) Build off prior knowledge. (For English) Individual learning preferences do not matter. (For Special Ed) Does not apply, because thinks all brains work the same.