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Research into target audience

Research into target audience

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Research into target audience

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  1. Research into target audience AtonementDear John

  2. Films Atonement 2007 Dear John

  3. Primary Research - Atonement • Empire - An adaptation at least as good as the novel - complex, delicate and devastating. Gorgeous cinematography, a lilting score and near-faultless performances, under Wright’s assured direction, make this the first contender for next year’s Best Picture Oscar. • Time out London - A noble, well-made, superbly performed and photographed (by Seamus McGarvey) semi-failure then, but still one that shows Wright to be one of the more imaginative filmmakers of his generation, capable of winning over large audiences with daring endeavours. • The Guardian - though it is probably in the long, languid wordless summery scenes at the beginning that the film works best. It's a film which aims at big ideas, and it treats us like grownups.

  4. Primary Research – Dear John • Empire - A touching melodrama illuminated by a solid turn from Tatum. • Time Out London - Enter 9/11, rudely upsetting the course of true love. He re-enlists for another tour, she waits. War, death, illness, this film has its fair share of all three.Even the Dear John letter of the title is written in an act of heroic self-sacrifice. A sucker for a cheap sob, it left me cold. • The Guardian - This may be the first big weepie from the war on terror – but that's its only claim to fame

  5. Primary Research – Textual Analysis • Both Atonement and Dear john are set in the war time, which matches our idea for our film opening. • Both films would give you a sense of longing which is the kind of emotion that we want to portray. • The target audience for this, i would say would be 16+ as it is a teen film but an older audience may be able to relate.

  6. Posters and Advertising Atonement

  7. Posters and advertising Dear John

  8. Atonement • Top 5 credits • Joe Wright Director • WritersChristopher Hampton Screenplay (adaptation ) • IamMcEwanSource Material (from novel: "Atonement") ProducersLiza ChasinExecutive Producer • Debra Hayward Executive producer • Top 5 Cast • James McAvoyRobbie Turner • KeiraKnightleyCecilia Tallis • Saoirse Ronan BrionyTallis, aged 13 • Brenda BlethynGrace Turner • Vanessa Redgrave Older Briony

  9. Dear John • Top 5 credits • LasseHallstromDirector • Writers - Jamie Linden Screenplay (adaptation) • Nicholas Sparks Source Material (from novel: "Dear John") • Producers - Tucker TooleyExecutive Producer • Jeremiah Samuels Executive Producer • Top 5 Cast • Channing Tatum JohnTyree • Amanda SeyfriedSavannah Lynn Curtis • Richard Jenkins Mr Tyree • Henry Thomas Tim Wheddon • D.J. CotronaNoodles

  10. Atonement Amount of money made worldwide $129,425,746 Dear John Amount of money made worldwide $111,362,410

  11. Film Distributers Atonement Dear John

  12. Conclusion - Atonement • Genre – Drama/Romance • More women may prefer it as it is a romantic film, however men may like it as it is based during the war. • Atonement made more money overall as it targets a wider audience. • My primary research shows that more people would watch this film as it targets both men and women • The majority of the reviews are positive and rates the film quite highly.

  13. Conclusion – Dear John • Genre – Drama/Romance • More women will tend to prefer this film as it is more like a ‘chick – flick’ • More people went to see Dear John in the first weekend it was out and therefore made more money through that. • It was shown worldwide, so the film would have a lot of recognition • Less reviewers were as positive about this film. There were both positive and negative comments made.

  14. To conclude... • Our film should be targeted at females aged 16+ • It should contain romance and have emotional aspects to it • It should be historical as this could widen our target audience