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Target Audience and Influences Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience and Influences Research

Target Audience and Influences Research

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Target Audience and Influences Research

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  1. Target Audience and Influences Research I researched into the certification for the main films we researched: Snatch, Pulp Fiction, and Se7en, as content and age restrictions are similar to the content within our film, Infidelity. Infidelity Research Brandon Jewell

  2. Snatch Pulp Fiction • 18 Certificate. A lot of Strong language. Has a strong amount of violence and black comedy. Includes some sexual references and innuendos. Often compared to Pulp Fiction, but is definitely less violent and contains less language/sexual themes.MPAA provided rating reasons. • 18 Certificate. Extreme use of Strong language, and overall violence and gore is very intense. While the violence is quite graphic, much of the film has a comical sort of tone. The most intense parts are the drug overdose sequence and the rape scene.MPAA provided rating reasons. Se7en • 18 Certificate. Fairly strong language, but includes many dark/disturbing graphic scenes of brutal crime scenes after killings, and very intense bizarre descriptions of the killings. BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification): 18 Rating Guidelines. What does the 18 symbol mean? Films rated 18 are for adults. No-one under 18 is allowed to see an 18 film at the cinema or buy/rent an 18 rated DVD. No 18 rated works are suitable for children. What sort of issues might I find in an 18 film or DVD? 18 works are for adults and can contain strong issues such as:Very strong violenceFrequent strong language (eg 'f***') and/or very strong language (eg ‘c***’)Strong portrayals of sexual activityScenes of sexual violenceStrong horrorStrong blood and goreReal sex (in some circumstances)Discriminatory language and behaviour

  3. Target Audience The target audience for our film is mostly young adults to middle aged adults. (18-30/40’s). This is because the film’s main theme is a romance and betrayal twist, put into a drug driven violent murder narrative. The young romance element would appeal to younger audiences more as the may be able to relate to the relationships. Similarly slightly older audiences can also relate. But as the characters are young and feature many modern views and activities, older adults may find that they might not be able to relate to the events and characters so much. Certification: The certificate without a doubt would be an 18 as it would contain hard drug use, as well as strong violence and very mature themes. The content shown however is justified by the fact that it is not shown in a glamorous light and all the hard drug use, and portrayals of illegal activities leads to very grim and unattractive circumstances, which is what the film is about, and revolves around. Our target audience is both genders also as both main characters are male and female, and most of the films portrayal is from Sabina's point of view. It involves both male and female dilemma’s and situations to relate to.